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Relax Remedial Massage Studio

G   i   v   e     y   o   u   r   s   e   l   f     a     m   o   m   e   n   t     t  o     r  e l a x

What We Do

We offer Infrared Sauna sessions. A gentle yet effective way to use heat to penetrate deep into the skin to detoxify, relax and improve circulation. Infrared Saunas are known to help reduce muscle tension, boost metabolism and enhance the immune system. 

Welcome to our services

Solo Sauna - $39 for 30 mins

Couples Sauna - $59 for 30 mins

Solo Sauna x 5 Sessions - $175 

Couples Sauna x 5 session - $235

Remedial Massage - $105 for 1hour


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